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Types of Polishes

Below are comparisons & abrasiveness levels of polishes that I've used by hand or with a Porter Cable.

Heavy Cut Polishes
These are used to remove any heavy swirls, deeper scratches or imperfections. These are very aggressive - use cautiously.
Examples of Heavy Cut Polishes ·

What a Heavy Cut Polish is capable of removing

Medium Cut Polishes
These are used to remove normal washing, drying and wear & tear.
Examples of Medium Cut Polishes ·

What a Medium Cut Polish is capable of removing

Light Cut/Finishing Polishes
These are used to for light swirls and scratches. They are also used as a finishing polish to remove any hazing left form a more aggressive polish and bring the gloss back to the paint .
Examples of Light Cut, Finishing polishes ·

What a Light Cut Polish is capable of removing

Paint Cleansers
These use Chemical abrasives instead of mechanical abrasives and are used to remove oxidation and wax or sealants.

This section also includes Cleaner waxes and All in One type products. These use chemical abrasives to clean the surface & apply a layer of protection to the finish at the same time.

Examples of Paint Cleansers ·

What a Paint Cleanser is capable of removing

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