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This section will show the stages of a polish as it breaks down.

Each polish is different but all will go through basically the same stages - wet, haze, translucent, dry or oily.

Speed, pad and pressure depends on what needs to be removed, but always start with the least aggressive pad/polish combo first.

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Menzerna PO85RD

Below is the breakdown stages of Menzerna PO85RD using the Porter Cable 7424 and a Lake Country Polishing pad.

Amount of PO85RD to use
Keep in mind that this is amount I use on a fresh pad.
After the pad has been primed, the amount is about half shown below.
Spread the polish around the area before turning on the Porter Cable to help prevent splatter.

Spread the polish over the area at speed 3-4.

Breakdown Stages
Turned the Porter Cable to speed 5 and started to work the polish using slow overlapping movements.

At this point the polish is broken down and ready for removal.

PO85RD didn't go clear like the other polishes but it was completely broken down and left a beautiful (haze/micromarring free) finish.

Here is a the before and after of the scratches that were removed using the polishes mentioned here.

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