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When you use a Random Orbital polisher and don't break down your polish completely, use too much product or use an aggressive product/pad combo, you can leave little "fish hook" type scratches in the paint. These tiny scratches cause a HAZED or cloudy appearance to the paint when viewed under direct light (See images below or the Hazing video). They are easily removed with a finishing polish and polishing pad, as long as you work the polish in properly.

Below is Menzerna Intense Polish being under worked and showing the results of a Hazed finish.

Before Polishing

During Stages
This is about a dime size amount if Menzerna Intensive Polish and spread on the panel - work in covering about a 3'x3' area. The polishing was stopped before it broke down competely to show what hazing is.

You can see a little bit of hazing around the lights from this distance.
Here is what it looks like up close.
Here it is after breaking down Menzerna Finishing Polish with a Polishing Pad properly.

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