About Me

Hi, my name is Charles Lindsey. I’m the creator and owner of Paintcare-n-detailing.com. I have been detailing cars my whole life, but it’s not my profession. I don’t consider myself a professional detailer, I’m more of a “Weekend Warrior”. I love cars and have a passion for detailing and keeping them looking their best. I created this website in hopes to help people new to detailing understand the procedure for detailing and provide some step by step instructions.

This site is not geared for the professional detailer. The majority of procedures, techniques, machines, etc. mentioned here for people like me – someone who wants their car to look the best or someone that wants to detail on the side to make a little extra cash.

My philosophy on detailing is and always has been procedure over product. I believe that 90% of the products available will do what they claim to do as long as you know how to use them. Now, I am referring to quality type products, not miracle-one step/last 5 years type products.

To me, detailing is not an exact science. Everyone has their own method and techniques on washing, polishing, etc., what works for me might not necessarily work for you. Use this information on this site as a guideline to help you find the best method/technique that works best for you, your situation or car. If you have any tips, tricks or procedures that you feel might be beneficial to this website or helping others, please contact me.

This is not a commercial site and the products listed on this site are only ones I’ve used and would recommend. I do have sponsors to help offset the cost of hosting, bandwidth, etc., but I sell nothing on the site and do not and will not recommend anything I don’t or haven’t used myself.